DT Models
DT120806, DT120808
DT121506, DT121508

Specifications DT12 turbo blower

The models from the DT12 series are capable of delivering top performance despite their modest sizes. The optimised Dutair design results in a total process efficiency of up to 70%. With the DT12 modules, the excellent performance and reliability of turbo blowers can be exploited with a flow rate starting at just 140 Nm³/h. By using the cooling air, for example, for heating workspaces, drying products or preheating tap, process or washing water, the total process efficiency can even be increased above 70%. This makes Dutair turbo blowers the most responsible choice for every air compression issue up to a pressure of 1,000 mbar.

Dutair turbo blower DT133708
Dutair turbo blower DT12 table
Dutair DT12 data graph
Dutair DT12 dimensions