DT Models
DT132206, DT132208,
DT133704, DT133706, DT133708, DT133710

Specifications DT13 turbo blower

The DT13 models have the smallest power ratings at which a pressure of over 1,000 mbar can be achieved. When efficiency is the decisive factor, Dutair has the answer for you. The modules from the DT13 series are used as a standalone solution, but can also serve to broaden the flow range of larger modules. The optimised and 100% oil-free design ensures that the maintenance for all Dutair turbo blower modules is limited to the periodic replacement of the filter elements. Because all Dutair turn key modules use one and the same filter element, inventory management is simple.

Dutair DT133708 turbo blower
Dutair DT13 table
Dutair DT13 turbo blower data graph
Dutair DT13 turbo blower dimensions