DT Models
DT155606, DT155608, DT155610,
DT157504, DT157506, DT157508, DT157510

Specifications DT15 turbo blower

The DT15 series delivers flow rates between 820 and 6,700 Nm³/h with a maximum pressure of 1,000 mbar. All Dutair turbo blowers are supplied with a perfectly balanced shaft. The impeller of the turbo compressor is made of anodised aluminium. The integrated cooling fan impeller, which is mounted on the other side of the shaft, is made of stainless steel. Due to the difference in size, the optimum balance is created and the load on the foil bearings is reduced to a minimum. The use of axial and radial foil bearings ensures a 100% contactless and vibration-free operation. This means that this technology is not subject to wear and can withstand very high loads.

Dutair DT155606 turbo blower
Dutair DT15 turbo blower table
Dutair DT15 turbo blower data graph
Dutair DT15 turbo blower dimensions