DT Models
DT180906, DT180908, DT181104, DT181106, DT181108, DT181110, DT181506, DT181508, DT181510, DT181806, DT181808

Specifications DT18 turbo blower

The DT18 series offers the widest variety within the Dutair turbo blower modules. With power ratings between 95 and 187 kW and a pressure class up to 1,000 mbar, the series is applicable in many processes. As part of the optimisation of the Dutair turbo blower modules, only premium system components are used. The components are perfectly matched to each other, guaranteeing the highest attainable efficiency and operational reliability. An additional advantage is the compact dimensions, which means that the Dutair turbo blowers are suitable for use in existing installations, in almost all cases.

Dutair DT181508 turbo blower
Dutair DT18 turbo blower table
Dutair DT18 turbo blower data graph
Dutair DT18 turbo blower dimensions