DTP Models
DTP253006, DTP253008, DTP253010

Specifications DTP25 turbo blower

The modules of the DTP25 series are capable of delivering a flow rate of up to 16,300 Nm³/h with a power rating of 300 kW. Higher power ratings are available on request. The Dutair DTP25 turn-key modules are equipped with a double outlet. The outlet is brought together by means of an adaptor, whereby a horizontal or vertical connection to the pipework can be chosen. A wide range of flow rates can be achieved in combination with smaller modules. Like the DTP22, the turbo is built with a turbo compressor at both ends of the shaft and the integrated cooling is maintained.

Dutair DTP253008 turbo blower
Dutair DTP25 turbo blower table
Dutair DTP25 turbo blower data graph
Dutair DTP25 turbo blower table dimensions