Dutair turbo blower inside view

High efficiency permanent magnet motors x

Dutair permanent magnet motors are specially developed to integrate uncompromisingly into turbo blowers. The speeds between 20,000 and 50,000 rpm provide high energy density, which allows the compact engines to deliver high power. On the other hand, electrical and magnetic losses also play a major role. Our engineers have decades of experience in developing high strength neodymium magnet motors. The successful minimisation of energy loss in the motor reduces heat development and makes a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of the turbo blower.

Turbo blower motor
Dutair turboblower impeller

Air foil bearings

Air foil bearings generate a completely contactless transmission while the turbo blowers are operating, eliminating the mechanical losses as well as the use of oil or grease. Both axial and radial air foil bearings are applied to the permanent magnet rotor to keep the compressor and cooling impeller in position at all times. The air foil bearings in the Dutair turbo blowers are suitable for high temperatures and are maintenance free.

Integrated air cooling system

The motors of the Dutair turbo blowers are provided with an integrated cooling system, so that no external

components are necessary. A small turbo compressor in the motor sucks air through the various cooling channels in the motor. A separate outlet expels the cooling air so that its residual heat can also be used in another process. This technology is so effective that all our turbo blowers up to 300 kW employ this air cooling system.

Flow rate measurement

The flow rate measurement is derived from the pressure measured at the inlet cone of the turbo blower. The sensors are calibrated during the quality check. The measured value of the flow rate is thus read with 0.5% tolerance