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Turbo blower turn key module

Turbo blower turn key module

Control panel

The turn key modules are equipped with an HMI for the local operation and reading of the turbo blower. The touch screen provides insight into the performance and offers the ability to set the operating point. Dutair service staff will adjust the machine to your personal requirements so that operating the machine is clear and simple.


All turn key turbo blower modules are equipped with calibrated sensors for continuously measuring all relevant values. The readings are used to show performance, complete machine protection and monitor filter conditions.


The PLC is the heart of the controller and provides a simplified control panel.

The turbo blower can be controlled in terms of pressure, flowrate, power, speed or external sensor. The PLC ensures that the blower maintains a normal operating condition and safeguards the entire machine's protection.

High performance inverters

Dutair turbo blowers are equipped with high-performance frequency inverters from the Yaskawa A-1000 and the VACON NXP series. The highly reliable power electronics of these frequency inverters are particularly suitable for driving the high speed permanent magnet motor of the turbo blower. The cooling air is sucked in by the negative pressure in the motor compartment of the module and is already filtered in the door of the controller compartment. Dutair turbo blowers have an optimised cooling system. This allows all heat to be disposed of or reused outside the compressor space using pipework without additional facilities.

Dutair turbo blower front panel
Dutair turbo blower inside view control
Dutair turbo blower inverter
Dutair turbo blower

Check valve & compensator To fully protect the machine, a compensator and check valve are always fitted externally. Communication The machine has a wide range of communication facilities for remote reading and operation of the machine. Sensor values are available in real time. The operating point can be adjusted in remote mode by variation of communication protocols. In addition, the machine can be controlled with digital and analogue inputs and outputs.

Blow off valve

Dutair turbo blowers are equipped as standard with a blow off valve that works on the differential pressure of the blower. This valve ensures that the turbo blower maintains a safe operating mode at all times. During startup, the valve is open but also protects the turbo blower against a surge and other emergency situations.


All models of the Dutair turbo blowers range use the same filter element. This is easy to replace from outside and the condition is monitored by the control of the machine.

Dutair turbo blower turnkey inside view
Dutair turbo blower turnkey opening