At the Aquatech Amsterdam 2023 Dutair specialists will give you an update on the current state of blower technology. We will be most delighted to learn about your challenges on the subject of air and gas.

The world leading Aquatech Amsterdam trade show for process, drinking and wastewater will be taking place on 6 to 9 November 2023. We look forward to meeting you on the Dutair stand 02.310 during the Aquatech Amsterdam 2023. Please register for free access by clicking the following invitation.

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Actual performance

With our blower measuring systems, we have set ourselves the goal of taking accurate measurements, traceable to internationally accepted standards and verifiable at any time by third parties. This is important to us because commercial specifications still prevail in the world of blowers and we want to offer our customers realistic, truly traceable blower specifications

Industrial air treatment calls for Dutair. Because the Dutch brand has been known for its efficiency and reliability for decades. Dutair manufactures fans, blowers and compressors for air and gases. Our product development is a combination of many years of expertise in conventional technology going hand in hand with state-of-the-art software, materials and electronics. Dutair gives air.

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Optimizing energy efficiency

Using computer aided engineering we can achieve optimum energy efficiency and use of materials in our industrial blowers, compressors and fans. We have a broad knowledge that we are happy to share with our customers, so that they can optimize their applications for air and gases.

As manufacturer we are aware of our future environmental responsibility. Therefore we demand the highest energy efficiency and low maintenance for our process air products. Our technical documentation contains highly extensive and detailed specifications about the working area. Everything being traceable to international standards, so you can be sure of performance in practice.

Dutair logo turbo blowers
Dutair turbo blower

Turbo blowers the ultimate in efficiency

Dutair turbo blowers are direct driven centrifugal compressors. With excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance. Single stage blowers up to 1 bar and multistage compressors up to 4 bar.

Dutair logo side channel blowers
Dutair side channel blower

Side channel blowers

Dutair side channel blowers are perfect for use as vacuum pump or compressor. The broad frequency range makes them excellent adaptable in many applications. ATEX and gastight versions available.

Dutair logo centrifugal fans
Dutair centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fans

Industrial grade centrifugal fans for suction and pressure applications. Optimized for frequency control these high pressure ventilators will provide performance at a low sound level. Dutair radial ventilators are executed with forward or backward curved blades.

This is the official Dutair manufacturer website. Dutair manufactures maintenance free turbo blowers, turbo compressors, side channel blowers and centrifugal fans. Our customers can be found worldwide using our products for a wide variety of applications. For example: water treatment, air knives, pneumatic conveying, extraction of fumes, aquaculture and process air.

On this website you will find extensive, accurate and detailed specifications of our blowers, compressors and fans at the product pages.

We distinguish between blowers and compressors on the basis of the pressure range. Up to 1 bar is called a blower and for the higher pressures a compressor. Compressors up to 4 bar are tailored by Dutair to your application.

The highly energy efficient technique of direct driven centrifugal blowers and compressors we call turbo blowers and turbo compressors. These machines are common used as aeration blowers and compressors for water treatment and industrial process air.

For the lower pressure range but large flows Dutair centrifugal fans also known as radial ventilators are the best option. Side channel blowers can operate as high pressure blowers but have smaller flow capacity compare to centrifugal fans. Side channel blowers are often used as vacuum pump. Dutair turbo blowers and turbo compressors are capable of both operating at high pressures and produce large flows.

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