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Turbo blowers introduction

Turbo technology is the suggested method for achieving the highest efficiency in air compression up to 1 bar. Once the first turbo blower had been manufactured in 2001 using a new combination of techniques, spectacular improvements became visible compared to the conventional rotary piston and screw compressors. In addition to a vast reduction in necessary power, the sound pressure and maintenance schedule of the turbo blowers have come as somewhat of a relief. With the optimisation of the techniques used, we have perfected our series of Dutair turbo blowers and simplified them into a universal compact turnkey module. In this process, we have engineered ease of use, control, security and communication into an extremely reliable machine.


The ultimate efficiency

The ultimate efficiency

Ultimate efficiency infographic


Based on these unprecedented performances, we have a radial turbo compressor, which, with revolutions of between 20,000 and 50,000 rpm, generates minimal losses. The Dutair series permanent magnet motors have been designed for optimal electric and magnetic properties.

Due to the high number of revolutions, the relatively small motors are able to supply enormous powers, which makes cooling a challenge. The inventive integrated Dutair motor cooling is so effective that this aircooling works without external components up to and including 300 kW. Whilst in operation, the rotor does not make any contact with the fixed parts of the turbo blower thanks to the axial and radial air foil bearings. The complete module contains easyto- exchange filter cartridges, which also forms the only periodic maintenance of this 100% oil-free machine.


Turbo blowers are particularly suitable for processes where longterm air compression between 0.2 and 1.0 bar is required. In addition to energy targets, the total cost of ownership will prove that, economically, Dutair turbo blowers are by far the best solution.

Common uses are aeration, the pneumatic transportation of bulk goods, air supply in combustion processes, air film transportation, drying using air knives and oxidation processes. You will be familiar with these processes from industries such as water purification, cement production, thermal power stations, blast furnaces, pharmacy, food products and much more. With Dutair turbo blowers, you can benefit from the highest possible output in the industry right away in both existing and new systems.

DT120806, DT120808 DT121506, DT121508
Power: 7.5 … 15 kW
Flow: 140 … 900 Nm³/h 2.5 … 16 m³/min
Pressure: 294 … 961 mbar 3000 … 9800 mmH2O
DT132206, DT132208 DT133704, DT133706 DT133708, DT133710
Power: 22 … 37 kW
Flow: 360 … 3000 Nm³/h 6.4 … 54 m³/min
Pressure: 197 … 1078 mbar 2000 … 11000 mmH2O
DT155606, DT155608 DT155610, DT157504 DT157506, DT157508 DT157510
Power: 56 … 75
Flow: 820 … 6700 Nm³/h 15 … 120 m³/min
Pressure: 197 … 1020 2000 … 10400 mmH2O
DT180906, DT180908, DT181104 DT181106, DT181108, DT181110 DT181506, DT181508, DT181510 DT181806, DT181808
Power: 95 … 187 kW
Flow: 1450 … 9400 Nm³/h 26 … 168 m³/min
Pressure: 197 … 1020 mbar 2000 … 10400 mmH2O
DTP221504, DTP222204 DTP222206, DTP222208 DTP222210
Power: 150 … 225
Flow: 3250 … 15500 Nm³/h 58 … 277 m³/min
Pressure: 197 … 1020 mbar 2000 … 10400 mmH2O
DTP253006, DTP253008 DTP253010
Power: 300 kW
Flow: 4500 … 16300 Nm³/h 2.5 … 16 m³/min
Pressure: 80 … 292 mbar 3000 … 10200 mmH2O


Dutair accessories

Turbo blowers

In order to optimise the use of the turbo blowers, a variety of ducting elements are available for easy installation.

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