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Side channel blower introduction

Dutair side channel blowers for pressure and vacuum are driven directly by an electric motor or with a bare shaft end. The open impeller assembly with a plurality of blades running close to the pump housing generates high pressure differentials with high flow rates in a compact unit. The contactless operation prevents wear and requires no lubrication. The ball bearings are mounted at the end of the shaft, which makes Dutair side channel blowers ideal for frequency control.


Aluminium cast parts with integrated silencers on the inlet and outlet produce a low constant sound pressure. The asynchronous induction motors are part of the pump that has achieved a very stable and reliable design. Shaft seals in the pump housing and on the NDE side of the motor provide good protection against moisture and dust with an electrical protection class IP55. All Dutair side channel blowers are equipped as standard with a PTC for additional temperature monitoring. Optionally, gas-tight and increased explosion proof versions are available.


Dutair side channel blowers are used for air, gases and for pneumatic transport, with no material passing through the pump housing. In vacuum applications, Dutair products have proven their reliability for central dust extraction systems, point extraction, cooling and vacuum lifts. In pressure settings, clean and dry blowing with air are common applications as well as aerating pools, blowing-off tanks, packaging machines and various applications in the bio- and chemical industry. Standard versions are suitable for all non-corrosive and non-flammable gases between -20° and +40°C. All versions of Dutair side channel blowers are extremely suitable for continuous operation.

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Power: 0.2 … 0.25 kW
Flow: 82 Nm³/h 1.5 m³/min
Pressure: 86 mbar 877 mmH2O
Power: 0.4 … 0.85 kW
Flow: 138 Nm³/h 2.5 m³/min
Pressure: 220 mbar 2243 mmH2O
Power: 0.75 … 2.6 kW
Flow: 233 Nm³/h 4.2 m³/min
Pressure: 375 mbar 3824 mmH2O
Power: 1.1 … 4.6 kW
Flow: 355 Nm³/h 6,4 m³/min
Pressure: 455 mbar 4640 mmH2O
Power: 2.2 … 8.6 kW
Flow: 550 Nm³/h 9.8 m³/min
Pressure: 585 mbar 5966 mmH2O
Power: 5.5 … 22.0 kW
Flow: 880 Nm³/h 15.7 m³/min
Pressure: 600 mbar 6118 mmH2O
Power: 9.0 … 22.0 kW
Flow: 1700 Nm³/h 30.4 m³/min
Pressure: 435 mbar 4436 mmH2O


Side Channel blower

In order to optimise the use of these products, our warehouse also contains a comprehensive range of accessories & parts.

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