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Centrifugal fan introduction

Dutair aluminium centrifugal fanshave been successfully used for decades in many markets for a wide variety of functions. The consistent high quality and solid construction ensure a quiet and sustainable operation that is highly appreciated by users. The development of the aluminium centrifugal fans led to various performance improvements and traceable precise specifi cations in the product sheets. This ensures that you can guarantee the yield in advance

and can minimize unnecessary spare capacity of the aluminium centrifugal fan. Frequency characteristics give you insight into the control range, the yield and the consumption of the aluminium centrifugal fan. This increases the flexibility of the application. The LK series and the BCT series are particularly suitable as a medium- or high-pressure fan and with additional frequency control they can be used as a very high pressure fan.


LK801, LK802, LK803, LK804, LK805, LK810, LK820

Power: 0.75 … 18.0 kW
Flow: 6350 Nm³/h 114 m³/min
Pressure: 14580 Pa 1487 mmH2O

BCT061, BCT063, BCT064, BCT065, BCT066, BCT067

Power: 0.4 … 6.5 kW
Flow: 3410 Nm³/h 61 m³/min
Pressure: 9100 Pa 928 mmH2O